30-Ton Cylinder w/P392 Hand Pump


Product Highlights

  • Optimum match of individual components
  • All sets are ready to use and include single-acting cylinder, two-speed pump, 6 foot safety hose, calibrated gauge with gauge adaptor
  • RCH-Series hollow cylinder for pushing and pulling
Set capacity 30 ton

2.5 inches stroke

7.03 inches collapsed height


200 pounds per square inch (psi) first stage maximum operating pressure

10,000 psi second stage maximum operating pressure

0.687 cubic inch per stroke first stage maximum oil displacement

0.151 cubic inch per stroke second stage maximum oil displacement

55 cubic inches usable oil capacity

0.5 inch piston stroke

93 lb. maximum handle effort

9 lb. weight

7 x 21 x 4.75 inches (H x W x D) dimensions

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