Device Communicator PLUS w/HART FieldbusIS,Wireless,


Emerson TREX Highlights

  • L - Device Communicator Plus communication module - Includes additional Lead Set with connectors.
  • F - HART + Foundation Fieldbus Applications - Includes Foundation Fieldbus Power Plug when ordered with Device Communicator Plus communication module (L).
  • P - Rechargeable Li-Ion Power Module
  • KL - ATEX, CSA (US/Canada) and IECEx Intrinsically Safe (includes FISCO as applicable)
  • W - Wireless - Includes Bluetooth, WiFi, and NFC radios. Available only in countries where spectrum approval has been obtained.
  • S3 - Standard Support (3 Year) - Includes technical support and software updates.
  • Quickly fix issues in the field with advanced device diagnostics
  • Configure and test valves inline
  • Improve efficiency with a modern, intuitive user interface
Device Communicator Plus Communication Module
  • HART terminal
  • Enables HART device communication
  • HART + power terminal
  • Enables HART communication with the Trex unit, and provides power to one HART device in a bench setup.
  • Connectors: Two Banana Jack Plugs
  • Includes HART power supply, resistors (167 Ohm), current control, and ammeter
  • Current Range: 3 -22.5 mA
  • mA terminal (external ammeter)
  • Measures current on a 4-20 mA current loop.
  • Current Range: Up to 22.5 mA
  • Resolution: 0.1 mA
  • Fieldbus (FF) terminal
  • Enables Foundation Fieldbus device communication
  • FF + FF pwr terminal
  • Provides power to one Foundation Fieldbus device in a bench setup.
  • Connector: One Banana Jack Plug (Power conditioner included)
  • Current Range: 0- 38 mA
  • Environmental
  • Usage
  • -20
Processor, Memory, and Operating System
Microprocessor 800 MHz ARM Cortex A8 / NXP
Memory Internal Flash 2 GB NAND and 32 GB extended flash
Operating System Windows Embedded Compact 2013

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