Multi-Funct.Calibrator, IS+HART Low Pressure Accessory Kit


Product Highlights

  • Includes DPI620-IS, Low Pressure Hoses and Fittings, Adaptor for DPI104 & PV62X Base, Waterproof Case, DPI-104 Low Pressure Test Gauge (10 PSI), Ugly’s Electrical Safety HandBook, and Dirt Trap
  • Measure, source and simulate multiple parameters
  • HART Communicator
  • Full Capabilities of a Stand Alone Communicator
  • Free Upgrades via the Internet - Upgrade your DD Library, No Special Software Required, No Additional Cost
  • Powerful Device Configuration, Commissioning and Maintenance Capabilities
  • Complete Library of all Registered HART® Device Descriptions
  • Easy-to-use, with video quality touch screen, which can be operated by a gloved hand
  • Weather-proof to IP 65
  • Can display up to 6 active readings
  • Available with a range of add-on modules, pressure measurement modules and generation stations, Intecal Field Calibration documenting module, 300Vac measurement probe
  • Digital interface for pressure modules and future options
  • USB master and slave for connecting to a PC and peripherals
  • Long-life Lithium-Polymer battery pack

Each Unit Includes

  • Low Pressure Hoses and Fittings
  • Adaptor for DPI104 & PV62X Base
  • Waterproof Case
  • DPI-104 Low Pressure Test Gauge (10 PSI)
  • Ugly’s Electrical Safety HandBook
  • Dirt Trap
  • Rechargeable lithium polymer battery
  • Universal mains adaptor/charger
  • Test leads
  • Calibration certificate
  • Quick reference guide
  • CD with multilingual user manuals

Engineering Units Displayed:

  • mbar
  • Bar
  • Pa
  • hPa
  • kPa
  • mPa
  • mmHg
  • cmHg
  • mHg
  • inHg
  • kg/cm2
  • kg/m2
  • mmH2O
  • cmH2O
  • mH2O
  • torr
  • atm
  • psi
  • lb/ft2
  • InH2O@4C
  • InH2O@20C
  • InH2O@60F
  • ftH2O@4C
  • FtH2O@20C
  • ftH2O@60F

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