Dry Block Calibrator, -25C to 155C


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Wide temperature range

The CTC series covers a wide temperature range from -25 to 660°C (-13 to 1220°F). This makes it sufficient to cover almost all standard industrial temperature calibration applications.

CTC155: -25 to 155°C (-13 to 311°F)

Best in class industrial calibrator

The new generation of the CTC temperature calibrator has improved the accuracy with as much as 25%. This makes it the most accurate industrial class temperature calibrator on the market.

Fast calibration

All our Jofra temperature calibrators feature a purpose-dedicated temperature regulator. This provides a very fast heating and cooling time as well as a short stabilization time. Performing a three point temperature calibration procedure is fast and saves time.

External reference sensor

All our C Models are designed with a signal input for an external reference sensor. The sensor makes it possible to improve accuracy even more. Our new range of external reference sensors have been developed to match each of the new CTC’s.

External sensor control

The CTC can be run in two modes when using the external reference sensor. “External ref” mode is where the external reference sensor represents the True value. The “Set follows True” mode is where the reference sensor serves two purposes; measuring the reference temperature and at the same time controlling the block temperature to the set temperature.

Easy to carry

The CTC series is designed for both on-site and maintenance shop calibration. We have focused on great portability in regard of size and weight. The calibrator is lightweight and easy to carry and with a handle placed away from the heat-zone.

MVI – Mains Power Variance Immunity improves temperature stability

Unstable mains power supplies are a major contributor to calibration inaccuracies. Traditional temperature calibrators often become unstable in industrial environments where large electrical motors, heating elements, and other devices are periodically cycled on and off. The cycling of supply power can cause lower quality temperature regulators to perform inconsistently, leading to both inaccurate readings and unstable temperatures. The CTC series employ the MVI, thus avoiding such stability problems. The MVI circuitry continuously monitors the supply voltage and ensures a constant energy flow to the heating elements.

Special Features

  • Multi sensor calibration - Insert heat loss due to mass loading from multiple or large sensors can be a challenge for most dry-block calibrators. The CTCs advanced feedback algorithms combined with the external reference sensor effectively addresses these challenges and makes the accuracy even better.
  • IRI - Intelligent Recalibration Information - When switching on the calibrator or connecting the reference sensor, the calibrator immediately warns you if any of the calibration certificates are overdue. A buzzer and warning appears. The recalibration interval can be set from 1 to 99 months.
  • Plug and Play reference sensors - All STS reference sensors are plug and play as they contain information in the connectors memory chip: Sensor coefficients, Unique serial number, Temperature range, Calibration date, Calibration interval
  • Broad range of inserts - The CTC series offers a broad range of inserts to match almost any unit under test diameter. The new CTC cooler provides 35% more space for the units under test. For flexibility we also supply multi-hole inserts with the most common sensor diameters.
  • Reference sensor protection - The CTC will be blocked if it is set to a temperature outside the reference sensors specifications. This protects the reference sensor from being damaged.

Temperature Specifications
Temperature Range
Temp. @ ambient 23°C / 73° F -25 to 155°C / -13 to 311°F
Temp. @ ambient of 0°C / 32° F -39 to 155°C / -38 ti 311°F
Temp. @ ambient of 50°C / 104° F -7 to 155°C / -19 to 311°F
CTC-155 with internal ref. sensor ±0.3°C /±0.54°F
CTC-155 with STS-102 ±0.2°C /±0.36°F
CTC-155 with STS-120 ±0.2°C /±0.36°F
Stability ±0.04°C / ±0.07°F
Radial Homogeneity (difference between holes) 0.03°C / 0.054°F
Resolution 1 or 0.1 or 0.01
Units °C or °F or K
Heating Time
23 to 155°C / 73 to 311°F 13 minutes
Cooling Time
155 to 23°C / 311 to 73°F 12 minutes
23 to -25°C / 73 to -13°F 16 minutes
Time to Stability (typical) 10 minutes
Mains Power Specifications
Voltage 115 V (90-127) / 230 V (180-254)
Max Power Consumption 100 VA
Frequency, US deliveries 60 Hz ±3
Frequency, non US deliveries 50 Hz ±3, 60 Hz ±3
Physical Specifications
Dimensions LxWxH 248x148x305 mm / 9.761x5.83x12.01 in
Weight 5.5 kg / 12.1 lb
Immersion Depth incl. insulation plug 120 mm / 4.53 in
Well diameter 26 mm / 1.02 in
Insert Dimensions (diameter x length) 25,8 mm x 100 mm / 1.01 x 3.9 in
Electrical Specifications
Switch Input (dry contact)
Test Voltage Maximum 14 VDC
Test Current Maximum 1 mA
Digital Interface USB 2.0
Environmental Specifications
Operating Temperature 0 to 50°C / 32 to 122°F
Storage Temperature -20 to 50°C / -4 to 122°F
Humidity 5 to 90% Rh, non-condensing
Protection Class IP-10
External reference sensor
STS-120-A-915 -25 to 155°C /-13 to 311°F
Hysteresis (@ 0°C / 32°F) 0.01°C / 0.018°F
Long Term Stability (@ 0°C / 32°F) 0.014°C / 0.025°F
Repeatability 0.004°C/ 0.007°F
Sensing Element Type PT100
Response Time
STS-120-A: t0.5 (50%) 7 sec.
STS-120-A: t0.9 (90%) 18 sec.
Diameter 4 mm / 0.157 in
Length 140 mm / 5.51 in
Max. height over calibrator top 20 mm / 0.79 in
External reference sensor
STS-102-A -50 to 155°C /-58 to 311°F
Hysteresis (@ 0°C / 32°F) 0.01°C / 0.018°F
Long Term Stability (@ 0°C / 32°F) 0.014°C / 0.025°F
Repeatability 0.002°C/ 0.0036°F
Sensing element Type PT100
Response Time
STS-120-A: t0.5 (50%) 5 sec.
STS-120-A: t0.9 (90%) 16 sec.
Diameter 4 mm / 0.157 in
Length 30 mm / 1.181 in
Cable Length 1 m / 3.28 ft

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