Temperature Screening Thermal Imager, 1280x960


Product Highlights

Protect people from potential coronavirus carriers and those with other infectious diseases - the VIRALERT 3 screens visitors at entry for elevated temperatures that could indicate fever.

Unlike handheld thermometers which compromise social distancing, the VIRALERT 3 automatic screening system scans from a distance that complies with social distancing. Visual and audible alerts provide the warning you need to keep everyone safe.

Developed over ten years by AMETEK Land's world-leading temperature monitoring experts, the VIRALERT 3 is a real-time scanning solution that's safe, accurate, and easy to use.


  • Non-contact temperature monitoring camera
  • Immediately detects elevated skin temperature
  • Scans in compliance with social distance requirements


  • Intuitive user control
  • Audible alarm and on screen notification
  • Automated operation option


  • Fixed calibration source ensures reliability
  • Supported by 70+ years of industry expertise
  • Automatic face detection for best monitoring points


  • ACCURACY: ±0.5 °C (±0.9 °F) at a distance of 1m.
  • SOFTWARE: Continuous live thermal and visual image with automatic face detection. Abnormal high temperatures displayed in red, with on-screen and audio alarms. Calculates core temperature from measured skin temperature.
  • IMAGER: Connects to a local PC for display and power needs. Operates between 10 to 50 °C (50 to 122 °F).
  • IMAGER VISUAL: CMOS color sensor 1.2 MP (1280x960) resolution at 12 fps.
  • IMAGER THERMAL: With a measurement range between 30 to 45 °C (86 to 113 °F), the imager has a 39x31° field of view, frame rate of <9Hz, and temperature resolution of <0.12 °C (<0.22 °F).


 Contents: VIRALERT 3 Combined thermal and visual imaging camera with 4 m connection cable. 
VIRALERT 3 Blackbody temperature reference source with power adaptor and 3 m connection cable. 
Preinstalled single point mounting bracket. 
Certificate of conformity. 
Quick start guide. 
Software available for free download from www.ametek-land.com
 Temperature Accuracy:  +/- 0.5 °C / 0.9 °F (at a distance of 1 m)
 Mounting: Integrated single point system mounting
 System weight (kg): 0.75 kg (without cables)
 System weight (lb): 1.65 lb (without cables)
 System dimensions (mm): System 350 x 110 x 90 (BBS: 65 x 60 x 35; Camera 100 x 80 x 45)
 System dimensions (inches):  System 14 x 4.4 x 3.6 (BBS: 2.6 x 2.4 x 1.4; Camera 4 x 3.2 x 1.8)

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