Part Number
Temperature Screening Thermal Imager, 1280x960
Temperature Screening System, IR Camera & Blackbody Source
VIRALERT 3 Blackbody reference source
ViRALERT Surface mount bracket
ViRALERT Clamp mount bracket
VIRALERT 3 Imager cable
Laptop w/VIRALERT 3 Software, USB to RJ45 adaptor
I/O module 6 Digital Outputs for the VIRALERT 3
Hydraulic DWT, 10-1K PSI, 0.025%, Local Gravity w/Data
Hydraulic Hand Pump,3K PSI
Temperature Calibrator -90 to 125C
Reference Temperature Calibrator, 28C to 250C 115VAC
Reference Temperature Calibrator, -45°C to 180°C
Cleaning Brushes for the CTC650B, Set of 3
Support Rod Set
Extra Sensor Grib RTC
Extra Fixture for Sensor Grib RTC156/157
Silicone Oil,Type 200/10cST, 0.75L/ RTC158
Liquid Bath Kit/RTC158
Edgeport Converter,USB To RS232 Ports
3/8" Conversion Insertion Tube ETC Series
5-Pk.Undrilled Conversion Insertion Tube ETC
8mm Conversion Insertion Tube ETC Series
Hard Case/CTCB & CTC1200A
Case/CTC Series
Cleaning Brushes,4mm,3/Pkg. ETC, ITC, CTC series
Set/3 Cleaning Brushes CTC650B
T/C Male Plug,Type Cu-Cu, White for RTC
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