Dual Channel Handheld Reference Thermometer Readout


Product Highlights

Additel's 282 Reference Thermometer Readout delivers the best possible accuracies and features in the palm of your hand! With accuracy capabilities on par with laboratory grade thermometers, the ADT282 is capable of handling even your most critical measurements. This ultra-high precision readout features dual analog channels designed to facilitate comparison measurements and meet all of your temperature measurement needs. The easy to use touchscreen makes navigating the well-designed menus a time saving and enjoyable experience. The Lemo style smart connectors help to ensure that your probe calibration information is never in question. The ADT282 Reference Thermometer Readout helps makes metrology simple and will quickly become your new go-to when reliable temperature measurements are a must.

  • Reference Level Accuracies
  • Dual Measurement Channels
  • RTD and TC Inputs
  • Smart Style Probe Connections
  • Large Smartphone Like Touchscreen
  • Differential Measurement Technology
  • Bluetooth & USB Communications
  • Built-in Sensor Library
  • Datalogging
  • IP67 Rated
  • Rugged Handheld Construction
  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery

Feature and Price: 1mk temperature resolution, 0.1mΩ/0.1uV electrical measurement resolution

Reliable temperature metrology requires a stable repeatable measurement device. The ADT282 supports stability and uniformity testing of liquid temperature baths, thermocouple calibration furnaces, and dry well calibrators. The highly accurate dual channels of the ADT282 support deviation and uniformity studies. A very capable standard is required for the measurement resolution of the thermometer readout in these situations. The ADT282's superior measurement performance and dual-channel configuration easily meet these measurement needs

Dual Channels

The model ADT282 includes dual inputs which provide support for a multitude of resistive type sensors (RTD's) as well as thermocouples (TC's). Both channels can be displayed simultaneously which allows for comparison measurements and a host of other statistical analysis capabilities. And the Additel 282 allows for easy differential measurement selection for T1-T2.

Reference Measurement Technology

Additel's 282 Reference Thermometer Readout utilizes a ratio measurement technology which provides an unmatched performance in stability and drift. In order to ensure a very small temperature drift coefficient and reliable long-term stability, the ADT282 uses current reversal techniques to cancel EMF effects and a ratio technology to cancel the A/D converter offset. This highly advanced technology has not been available in a handheld device until now!

Smart Style Probe Connections

In order to facilitate quick and reliable probe connections, the ADT282 has been configured with smart connection ports for probes. Both channels atop the reference readout utilize 6 pin Lemo style smart connectors for RTD probes and mini-TC ports for thermocouple probes. The thermocouple connection points utilize an imbedded temperature sensor which allows for both internal and external cold junction compensation.With the smart probe connectors, the ADT282 utilizes a user-selectable probe lock feature to pair the probe with the channel it was calibrated with in a system calibration.

One Touch Control Center

In order to improve the user's experience and speed of use, we have designed a single touch menu option that navigates users to a control center panel. The functions from the control panel include: Date, Battery status, Screen lock, Bluetooth on/off, Speaker on/off, Snapshot, Smart diagnosis center button.


The ADT282 comes with standard Bluetooth communications capabilities and is supported by Additel's Mobile Link App. This very useful feature will change the way you work as it provides a remote view of the ADT282 display at a distance, up to 20 meters on your personal mobile device.


Temperature sensors and instruments used in the field often require regular calibration. In many cases, the disassembly of equipment can impact productivity. Fixed sensors can be tested in process utilizing the ADT282 datalogging capabilities. In order to accurately monitor temperature changes, this process may take several minutes or even hours to complete. ADT282 has builtin powerful data logging function and supports multi-parameters data recording, trend curve display, partial curve observation, statistical result viewing, data storage capacity up to 8G to help with these applications.

Sensor Library

The ADT282 has an extensive built-in temperature sensor library, including ITS-90, CVD, Standard TC,13 types of industrial RTDs and 15 types of industrial thermocouples, and also supports sensor customization. The user can also edit the probe coefficients according to the ITS-90, CVD formulas and the R0 parameter of the industrial RTDs. The extensive probe library capabilities also support coefficient input methods for standard thermocouple types.

Technical Specifications
Display 5.0 inch 480 x 800 TFT LCD capacitive screen
Size 16.97" x 4.13" x 2.04" (177 mm x 105 mm x 52 mm)
Weight 1.5 lbs. (0.65 Kg)
Power Supply 6600mAh, 23.8Wh lithium battery, charging time 4~6 hours, battery pack can be charged independent. Battery life typically 16 hours
Environment Specification guaranteed temperature range: (10~30) °C
Working Temperature: (-10~50) °C
Storage temperature: (-20~70) °C
Humidity: 0% ~ 95% RH, non-condensing
Warm-Up Time 10 minutes
Ports Protection Voltage 50V max
CE Certificate TUV IEC61326,IEC61010
Rohs Compliance Rohs II Directive 2011/65/EU,EN50581:2012
IP Protection Level IP67, 1 meter drop test
Communication Isolate USB-TYPEC (slave), Bluetooth BLE
Input Channels CH1, CH2 analog channel, 6 pins smart lemo ports for RTD probe;MINI-TC ports for TC probe
Measurement Display Single channel, dual channel, differential (e.g T1-T2)
Measuring Rates CH1, CH2 analog channels alternately and cyclically measure
RTD measuring rate: 1.6S/single channel, 1.6S/dual channel
TC measuring rate: 0.8S/single channel, 0.8S/dual channel
Measurement Units °C, °F, K
Statistics Max, Min, Avg

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